Vitamin D and our Immunity

vitamin D

Vitamin D plays several important roles in our body. But Recently it has been proved that vitamin D is especially important to our immune system. The deficit of this nutrition has been linked to the increase in the severity of viral infections. We will see down below the vitamin D and our Immunity.

Vitamin D and our immunity are closely related. Studies showed that vitamin D helps to keep the immune system balanced. It reduces the risks of contracting respiratory infection, bacterial, and viral. And even if they happen, vitamin D makes them less serious.


Vitamin D sources

Vitamin D sources are mainly from exposing our skin to the sun. But there is also food that has a vitamin D intake. We are talking here about fatty fish like tuna, sardine or salmon.

Besides, we can count food fortified with vitamin D like milk, orange juice or cereals and other food like beef liver, cheese or eggs.

Vitamin D supplement

It has been proved that supplements of vitamin D can help to reduce the risk of contracting infections. Receiving weekly or even daily doses had a great protective effect. There are some signs that indicate to you if you have vitamin D deficiency. So pay attention in case you have them, it will help you to take supplements.

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