The experience of being parent is a unique one. The first years of a child’s life are very important. When parents take time to look back at these years they reveal that they have made some mistakes.
If you believe that everything has a reason, here is a list of 10 things that we do and have a psychological explanation that may surprise you:
A secret is something kept from the knowledge of others. Also, it's shared confidentially with people that we trust. Once we share a secret, we also repeat to our confident “don’t tell anyone”.
The whole planet is talking now about the recent pandemic of COVID 19 virus. If your country is affected by the virus and you are in quarantine maybe, you’ll need some ideas to pass you time. So here are 10 things to do while quarantined to spend time usefully.
happiness can show in multiple ways and aspects and some persons aren’t able to see it clearly in their life. So here 10 symptoms that are going to tell you when they happen that you are happy.
Asking your selves why we need to protect our privacy ? With All the inventions that we notice in our society, especially in social Medias, online shopping or even the use of smart phones leads us to notice the lack life privacy.