Warning Symptoms: If you have these signs you may have diabetes

Warning diabetes symptoms

Diabetes, the disease of the century. It’s a medical condition that must be taken seriously. Diabetes presents many signs at its beginning that can be missed. It’s very important to pay attention to these Warning diabetes symptoms and to detect them earlier. Because if we lose time with this disease, and we don’t treat it on time we can suffer from severe complications.

Diabetes is a lifetime condition, once we have this disease, we must learn how to live with it. We have to learn how to deal with diabetes by taking regular checkups and good medications for our case. To avoid the deterioration of our health state, we have to detect this disease earlier.


This medical condition happens when the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin for the body. Also, it happens when the cells of our body don’t respond correctly to the insulin produced in the body. If not treated, it can easily lead to severe complications. Taking regular checkups will help to detect it on time. The persons diagnosed with this disease have to take medications or start insulin therapy in order to keep diabetes under control.

Read below to know all the early warning diabetes symptoms:

Skin problems

Skin problem

If you suffer from itchy skin, poor circulation, dry skin, and dark skin in some places like the underarms there is a chance that it’s due to diabetes. It’s explained by the reaction of the body to high blood sugar and the resistance of the cell to insulin.

Excessive thirst

One of the main alarming and revealing symptoms is excessive thirst and frequent urination. These symptoms are caused by excessive sugar in the blood. The kidneys are overloaded and don’t arrive to absorb all the glucose in the blood. Thus the person feels thirst and drinks a lot of water which leads to frequent urination.


Diabetes causes also a sudden feeling of hunger. It happens because the level of sugar in the blood is not stabilized correctly by the insulin. So when the sugar level drops suddenly, you immediately feel hunger because the body needs glucose to boost the energy.

Fatigue and weakness

If you feel frequently tired for no reason it may be an early sign of diabetes. It happens because the glucose level in the blood is not stable. When it gets lower you feel tired.

Weight loss

Some persons can present weight loss as a symptom of diabetes. When you frequently urinate, the body loose glucose and thus can lead to losing calories and weight as well.

Frequent infections

Diabetes disease causes also frequent infections. If you suffer from them, it may be a sign of the disease. It can be a urinary infection or vaginal infection for women. So pay attention to that.

Tingling in hands and feet

A high level of sugar in the body can damage the nerves. Thus you may notice a tingling in the extremities of the body like hands. So be attentive to this, it can be a sign of diabetes.

Sensitive teeth

The excessive level of sugar in the blood can weaken your immune system. Thus your immunity can’t fight correctly bacteria. So you can easily get gum infections and have sensitive teeth. So it may be an early sign of diabetes.

The manifestation of one or many of these early signs must be alarming to you. Pay attention to your body and what he tries to tell you. If you have a doubt go see your doctor and get a general checkup. The early you detect diabetes diseases the better you can control it and learn to live with it without damaging the whole body’s health.

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