24 hours of Starving Benefits

24 hours of Starving Benefits

The human body is really adapted to starvation. There are plenty of proteins in our body that turn on and make our bodies work better. The amount of food that we eat, consumes a lot of body energy to digest it. So here is what happens in our body during 24 hours of starving. Yes, you understand it, we will talk about 24 hours of starving benefits.

After 10 hours of starving:

So first, after 12 hours of fasting, the body starts to increase the production of the GH growth hormone. This hormone plays a major role in body composition, cell repair, and the function of our metabolism. Also, it helps to recover from injury and diseases and it boosts muscle growth.

In the first 8 hours the body continue to digest the last meal. But, after 8 hours of starving, the body stars to consume the storage fat to create energy. Thus you start to burn your storage fat.

After 18 hours of starving:

Second, after 18 hours of fasting, the body starts to develop autophagy. That means that our body starts recycling all damaged proteins into news useful one. It cleans out all the unnecessary and damaged components. Besides, it starts to renew the body tissues.

After 24 hours of starving:

Finally, after 24 hours the body start to use glycogen stores. Thus, it starts to deplete the liver glycogen to produce ketones for energy to the organs. When there is no more glycogen in the body, it starts to breaks down the fat store to produce energy. Also, around 24 hours of starving, the inflammations drop significantly. The gut starts to heal, the cardiovascular and the brain functions are improved as well.

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