10 Things to do while Quarantined

10 Things to do while Quarantined

The whole planet is talking now about the recent pandemic of COVID 19 virus. If your country is affected by the virus and you are in the quarantine maybe, you’ll need some ideas to pass your time. So here are 10 things to do while quarantined to spend time usefully.

1 Exercise

The first of the 10 Things to do while Quarantined is exercising. To stay in good health don’t forget to do some physical activities even if it’s from home. Plenty of video workouts are accessible.


2 Cooking

Preparing delicious meals if you do cook may occupy your time in this situation. If you’re not a big fan of this activity, it’s time to learn more about cooking and to train yourself. Cooking healthy food at home will help to build up your immunity system.

3 Do the Big Cleaning

All the corners of your house will be taking control of this big cleaning. You can do every day a part of it to spend more time on it.

4 Organizing your Closet

Maybe it’s time to do a big cleaning for your closet or dressing room. You can thus sort your old clothes.

5 Cocooning Time

Take all your time to take care of yourself. Skin and hair care routines will help you to feel better in your body.

6 A Sleep Cure

Take your time to have the number of hours of sleep that you need. It will definitely recharge your batteries.

7 Organizing your Time

Make a schedule for the things that you use to postpone. Make important calls.

8 Work on your Playlists

Now that you have time to listen to new songs and discover them, why not building your playlists for new songs and also the old ones.

9 Reading Books

What about reading that book that you bought a long time before and you didn’t have time to start yet.

10 Doing some Fun things

You can do karaoke at home, or redecorate your bedroom or do some video chat with friends and relatives.

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