8 Causes of Dark Circles

8 Causes of Dark Circles

Men and women can suffer from the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. They may look purple or blue depending on the color of the skin. Also, they can appear with a bag under the lower eyelids. Dark circles make you look tired, older, and influence the esthetic look of your face. So, it’s important to be aware of the causes that lead you to develop dark circles. So here are 8 Causes of dark circles under the eyes :


The first of the 8 causes of dark circles is the lack of sleep. Staying awake late at night or having sleepless nights can lead you to develop dark circles.


Eye strain

Staying too much in front of the television, computer, or using too much your phone can impact the formation of black circles.


Lack of water in your body impacts the skin around the eyes. This makes the black circles appear. You have to drink water a lot, Lemon water can help you with that.

Sun overexposure

The overexposure to the sun causes hyperpigmentation that means the overproduction of the melanin. This makes the skin around the eyes darker.


Allergies can make eyes sensible. It’s getting worse when you begin to rub and scratch the skin around the eyes.


Smoking makes the dark circles worse. The toxins in the cigarette can damage the thin skin around the eyes. It’s recommended to avoid smoking in order to get rid of the dark circles.


It’s a common cause of dark circles. The skin becomes thinner around eyes and you lose the collagen from the skin. This makes the vessels beneath the skin more showing and causes the appearance of dark circles.


Dark circles can be hereditary. If one of our parents has dark circles we may be susceptible to develop them. Therefore, you have to pay attention more to all things that will get your dark circles worst.

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