10 Happiness symptoms


I will present to you 10 happiness symptoms. As you Know, most people are searching for the same thing in that world: It’s HAPPYNESS.

Happiness can show in multiple ways and aspects and some persons aren’t able to see it clearly in their life. So here 10 Happiness symptoms that are going to tell you when they happen that you are happy.


1 Living with Integrity

The first of the 10 happiness symptoms is values. The values are very important in our life. Living within all our believes make us happier. By doing the right things, the things that we believe in we live accordingly our life. We have the courage, to tell the truth and to face it. Thus we feel more satisfied in our daily life.

2 Living in The Moment

Living the present moments and forgetting about our fairs of the future and all the past that is behind us. It’s about Living the moment completely by being present-minded. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to plan our future or things about our past. It simply means that we have to give more importance to the present and not to let these thoughts about the past and the future occupy all our present life.

3 Expressing our Gratitude

Being aware of all the good things that we have in our life is not enough. We have to be grateful for all these good things and to express our gratitude. Complementing people and thanking them for all the joy that they bring to your life is a source of good feelings that make you even happier.

4 Your Work Brings You Satisfaction

Your work has to had a meaning for you. Doing at work things that are deeply significant in your eyes make you feel satisfied.  So your rate of satisfaction is daily enhanced by your work and your happiness too.

5 Enjoying Relationships

Having good relationships with those around you and your loved ones is so important to be happy. It allows you to have peace in your life and to feel constantly loved.

6 Stop Constantly Critiquing Your Self

Critiquing ourselves may be good in some cases, in order to be a motivation to do better. But over critiquing can become a poison for our happiness. Never being satisfied with what we do lead to a constant feeling of unhappiness.

7 Change don’t Scare You

Being able to accept changes and to adapt yourself to them. This will give you the feeling to be in harmony with life and not constantly facing it. Feeling that you are in control will make you feel more positive and happier.

8 Learn How to Enjoy Simple Things

You must be aware of the pleasure that can give you the daily simple things of life. Appreciating those little things bring joy to you. Watching TV with the family, cooking delicious meals or sharing little moments with our kids all these things can make your life enjoyable if you only take time to notice them.

9 You know How to Give Back

Happiness is spread in our life by sharing the joy. When someone gives you a smile you give him a smile back. That what it’s about. Making others happy as they do their best to make you happy too.

10 You Know How to Laugh Often

Turning bad situations into a source of laugh and derision make your feel better about them. It makes your life less stressful and full of good vibes and happiness.

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