12 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making

12 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making

The experience of being a parent is a unique one. As parents you may make some mistakes, so here are 12 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making:

1. They didn’t pay attention to the communication with their children

The first years of a child’s life are very important. When parents take time to look back at these years they reveal that they have made some mistakes. The first of the 12 mistakes most parents regret making is connected to communication. Taking time to communicate with your child is very important. Your baby grows quickly. His first years are very important to build up your relation with him. Communication is important for the parents as well, in order to understand their children. If you use to do things while your child is playing by himself, it’s ok, but don’t turn this into a habit.


2. They didn’t give hugs to their children or tell them “I love you” as often as possible

Hugs are very important to communicate your emotions to your child. But saying “I love you” is also an important point. Communicating your love to them, verbally and non verbally is very important. You have to give them those things if you want to get them back when they are old.

3. They didn’t take enough photos and videos of their children

Moments with your children are unique. If you want to savor them when you’re older try to save them as much as possible. Do this by taking photos and videos. Rare moments like the first steps of your baby or his first words are a source of joy to watch. So don’t hesitate to save those moments for your old days.

4. They didn’t write their first words

Those words are very important for the parents. They are good memories to keep. You will be happy to read them later.

5. They didn’t spend much time playing with them

Playing activates the imagination of your child. It develops his intelligence and enhances his vocabulary. When you interact with your child by playing with him, you also build up a connection with him. So don’t lose this chance to get your relationship with your child stronger.

6. They were too strict with their children or yelled at them

Your children are not perfect. You have to accept their mistakes; they are still learning. Don’t be too strict with them and try not to yell at them if things go wrong. This may have a bad impact on their personality and deteriorate your relation with them.

7. They didn’t take their child’s opinion

Take the opinion of your child, it’s very important. Don’t tell them that they are too young to decide. Your child will grow up with a feeling of lack of confidence. Feeling insecure about their choices and their decisions.

8. They didn’t make them enough happy and try new things

Try to build up good memories with your children. Taking them on vacation or having new experiences together, helps to develop their integration in society.

9. They followed other’s advice in the education of their children

Follow your instinct and your feeling in the education of your children. Learn by the experience and avoid all the advice that you receive from others. You’re the parent and those choices are yours to make. You can listen to other’s advice but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow them.

10. They weren’t present in the most important moment of their children lives

All special moments with your child count. Don’t lose the opportunity to be next to them in those moments. Even if you think that you have a good reason to not be there, you will regret it later. So Make them your priority.

11. They didn’t save enough for their studies

Save as much as possible for the future of your child. All that you save will be a huge support to him when he will grow. It will open up good opportunities for him to do the studies he wants to.

12. They didn’t pay attention to their emotional needs

If your child is crying, try to get close to him and to ask him for the reasons. Don’t ask him to stop acting like a baby. You’re trying to shot down their emotions. Trying to understand the feeling of your child at that moment will help him to be emotionally healthy in the future.

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