Why Privacy is needed


Asking your selves why we need to protect our privacy? All the inventions that we notice in our society, especially in social media, online shopping, or even the use of smartphones lead us to notice the lack of life privacy.

First of all, the protection of our life privacy is necessary because it secures us against abuses. Imagine if all people can have access to medical or financial records. It will leave the person concerned very vulnerable to many cases of abuse. Thus our personal information may be used for malicious purposes. Besides, maintaining a high level of privacy in our life can protect our relationships with other people. Also, it will avoid that our relatives be harmed by any misuse of family private information.


In addition to that, privacy helps to have personal freedom and autonomy in society. These feelings are missed by famous people whose life is spread out by media.

In the end, we can say that privacy has to be maintained to a high degree in our life. Decreasing the exposure of our personal life and information in the real and also virtual world will help with that.

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