Impressive Health Benefits of Good SEX

sex and good health

Did you know that good sex has benefits for your health? For sure it’s true. Research has shown impressive health benefits of good sex. Here’s more to know about the impressive health benefits of good sex :

1. Helps to activate your immune system

Research has shown that having sex helps your body to produce the antibody that boosts immunity. So, the persons that had sex once or twice a week have a lower risk to get sick.


2. Boosts your libido

Having more sex will definitely boost your libido. It makes you desire higher and helps women to deal with vaginal dryness. This by improving the vaginal lubrication and the elasticity of the vagina. So, sex is definitely better.

3. Improve bladder control

This condition concerns especially women. Since Orgasms develop pelvic muscles and ensure a lower risk of urine leaks.

4. Lower blood pressure and heart attack

Sex maintains a good level of estrogen and testosterone hormones. Troubles in the level of those hormones make the risk grows to have heart diseases. Studies showed that having frequent sex makes your risk to have a heart attack lower.

5. Diminishes the risk of prostate cancer

Research has shown that having sex diminishes the risk of prostate cancer for men. They found that men who have frequent ejaculations have less chance to have prostate cancer.

6. Improves sleep

Sex helps you to get asleep easier. Orgasm stimulates the release of a substance called Prolactin. It helps to feel relax and to fell asleep.

7. Lower the stress level

Sex makes you feel good. It stimulates the brain to release substances that make you feel happy, calm, and warm. So, it helps to get rid of stress.

8. Makes you do exercise and Burns calories

Sex is a physical activity that burns calories. Some research speaks about burning 5 calories per minute of sex. Sex makes your heart breathe faster and your muscle working.

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